With Jesus

…And they realized that they had been with Jesus.

Acts 4:13

What a thing to say about someone! What a goal for our life! To have someone look at your life; your actions, words, and attitude and conclude you have been with Jesus. I believe this should be my goal… the good times and the bad for others to see Him in me. I’m realizing today I need to be more intentional about being with Jesus… reading His Word, in prayer and in worship!

So much in this world is a fight and it is so easy for our hearts and minds to become weary, distracted, and burdened from the battle. We are constantly being bombarded by the failing world around us. There is an intense spiritual battle waging against our hearts, minds, finances, marriages, families, morals, health… I know so many people under heavy enemy fire. BUT… our ability to be unshakable, to overcome, our power for the fight, our energy and stamina flow from our dependence on Jesus. His blood covers, His power delivers, His right hand upholds, His timing is perfect, and His Will will be done! Our time with Jesus renews our mind, refreshes our spirit, strengthens our will, fills us with His love, and gives us the ability to continue to fight the good fight of faith.

Allow His presence and His peace to flow thru you today as you spend time with the One who loves you infinitely.

Seeking Jesus – cj

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