Shop on Amazon? Support us while shopping!

Do you shop on Amazon?

If you shop on Amazon your purchases can help support the ministry. How? Just start any Amazon purchase from the link at the bottom of most posts or in the right side menu. Items you add to your cart from this point on and then purchase will send a 4% or more Associates fee in support of this ministry. If items are already in your shopping cart before you click my Amazon store link, those items do not provide an Associates fee. My unique Amazon store is name is “cjrapmin-20” in the web URL. You’ll know you are shopping from my affiliate link when you see that name in the web address.

Shopping with this link does not add anything to your order total. Purchases of any kind can be made with this link; books, clothing, etc. If you are planning to make any larger purchases on Amazon, this is incredibly helpful in terms of providing support to this ministry.

Finally, making any purchases from my blog bookstore, hosted on Amazon, will also provide a 4% or more Associates fee to this ministry.

More and more readers are using this Amazon link as their primary bookmark for future purchases. It’s an easy way to help with the practical time costs of writing and posting on this blog. I’d be very grateful if you’d consider doing this if you enjoy the posts here.

Please click here to make any Amazon purchase in support of this blog. This does not add to the cost of your order, but provides a referral fee to this ministry! We appreciate your support!

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