So I know they are not fun but… Difficult conversations are necessary to maintain healthy relationships, clear up misunderstandings, share hurt feelings and keep the devil from getting a divisive foothold. Most people shrink back from conflict in fear, often at the cost of losing the relationship. Over the years I have made many mistakes […]

Unto us a child is born is the promise of a relatable and approachable Savior. Holy and humanity would share life. All we experience would be his experience―our joy, pain, fear, excitement, loss, and love. A child was born to us because he is for us ALL… inclusive not exclusive.

This past week I heard one of my favorite teachers, declare “Don’t be a whiner be a warrior!” I paused in my tracks and began thinking back over the past few days. Like everyone else, I’ve encountered a few challenges in life; health, children, finances. At times these situations have felt well… challenging, especially those […]

I’ve been thinking lately about the power of what we say. Names are important. Words matter. What we call others or say to them has more impact than we can truly imagine. What got me thinking? Football. My youngest is now a JV football player. I know I don’t look old enough to have a […]

We’ve all heard someone say a secret makes you sick, or your only as sick as your secrets. Our paparazzi culture loves the power of the exposé. Photographers lurk in the bushes and chase people in their cars in an effort to get the scoop or the dirt so they can broadcast on TMZ. Then […]

Ministry is loving people in transition… and for most change is uncomfortable. Because change involves shifting from the known to the unknown change can cause people to feel anxious or stressed out. I find this to be especially true in women. Why? Perhaps because we need to feel secure and safe. For many women the anxiety they feel from changing circumstances causes them shift […]

Hello Friends! I’m excited to share with you my article in Solutions Magazine – Defeating Discouragement. CJ’s Article in Solutions Magazine I would love to hear from you. Let’s get the conversation going. Do you suffer from discouragement? How do you overcome it?

Hi Beautifuls! Today I’m thinking about the inner beauty God gives each of us. While you may not see it in yourself others can see the investment of time you make in the presence of the Lord. Why? Because his spirit changes your countenance. I like to tell people, we reflect what we give our […]

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and festivities. But for many this time of year stirs feelings of loss and frustration; even depression. The pain of broken relationships, lost love, and regret hangs heavy in the air. But… you must know that this was not God’s intention. It was never his desire for […]