Just Keep Walkin!

Just a reminder my friends…

If people make fun of you or belittle you for your faith in Jesus DON’T LET IT GET TO YOU. If they criticize your walk because they don’t think you are “Christian enough” – DON’T LET IT GET TO YOU. That’s the devil using their mouth to discourage you!

People sometimes are out to discourage you. For whatever reason your Spirit irritates their demons! Take their comments and criticisms to the Lord! Ask Him if there is any truth in it. Keep following Him. Keep Walkin the Walk.

Its important that you remember, you are a finished work in progress. You are BECOMING the person God intends for you to be everyday. Our walk is messy because we are BEING perfected. It’s a process, and painful at times, that connects us to Jesus as we depend on and learn from Him everyday. While we are a new creation in Christ and instantly made new we still have to walk out the transformation. It would be great if we were instantly made in character, heart and actions exactly like Him but that is not how it works. Instead it is a journey. We are here to be salt and light, to show how God takes our lives and transforms them. In this way our lives become a testimony to others. The person they once knew is no longer the same, there is something different, hopeful, and beautiful about this divine process.

In this process, the Lord will use every situation in your life to mold you and help you grow up in Him. And yes, He will even use our mistakes and our pain. So, don’t let other people discourage you in that process. Cling to your faith. Read your Bible. Forgive. And ask God… search my heart and test my thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the everlasting way… allow then Him to work in and thru you as He transforms you from the inside out.

And remember Jesus has your back. He will never leave you or forsake you. He loves you. He thinks of you more than there are grains of sand on the sea shore. In other words His thoughts about you can not be counted. And if you are discouraged and in need of someone to listen I am here for ya. Be strong friend. Your faith is a light in this dark world and the devil wants to put it out. Do not let him. Armor up. Pray up. And just keep walkin!

Hugs – cj #occupytillhereturns

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