Don’t Let It In!

This is an amazing picture created by – he tells wonderful stories thru photos!

One of the most disturbing images is the stand off between our police and the citizens who are protesting. Why? Because it is a picture of division.

What I notice most is the contagious nature of a people divided. Hate, insults, differing opinions, destruction and death swirl in the air and thru the airwaves invading our homes and our lives. The more I see, the more I feel it is fueled by the devil who thrives in seeing people torn apart. It’s not enough to tear apart our country. The enemy will not stop there. Make no mistake, he is after the destruction of your family. He wants us to turn on each other; mothers against children, children against fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles… get the picture? See if he can divide us he can conquer us. If he can stir up anger, create misunderstanding, start fights or cause confusion then he needs only to stand back and watch as families implode upon themselves.

There is power in unity! Unity slams the door on division. A family who prays together, who stands together in faith filled agreement can stand against any attack of the enemy. Be on guard. Don’t give the enemy a foothold to stir up strife. Don’t let him lie to you about your place, worthiness, or purpose in your family and in our nation. Ask the Lord to constantly search your heart. Allow him to show you where you are holding too tight to the things of this world, being right, or wounds from the past. Lean into misunderstanding. Be willing to admit your wrong and seek and pursue peace. In doing so you will slam the door on division. Don’t let division in! Slam the door on it!

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