GUARD Your Heart

Above ALL else, GUARD your heart… the heart, the seat of our emotions is precious and is vulnerable to influence. With all that is going on in the world today this verse seems more important than ever.

Everywhere we look, and in all we listen to there is so much discontent, anger, and division. TV, Social Media, Radio, Pod Casts, are filled with passionate debates from every side of what feels like an overwhelming issue that no one knows exactly how to solve. I was thinking about how those emotions seem to leap right off the pages of my FB wall or out of the TV and manifest themselves in our living room. They are contagious and if you allow it they will surely infiltrate your heart and invade the most sacred space of our homes designed to be a place of safety and security from the unrest of the world.

As a follower of Jesus, love must rule my heart and so I must guard it with all diligence. I know when I have been compromised because what flows from it can be heard when I respond in anger, take offense, become defensive, unkind, short, anxious, hopeless, and unloving. I hear it my tone, words, and delivery and if we are honest so can others. It is an entirely human reaction that can only be healed by His supernatural power. When I invest my time in His Word, worship, and prayer my heart becomes saturated with his goodness and grace and the sweet song of His voice singing over me calms my heart and renews my faith. In those precious moments at His feet He calms, stills, inspires, reassures, and reminds me that He is God and I am not and simply HE HAS ME. I can be at peace because even in the chaos I am not alone. I can trust His plan for my future and that of my families is good and right because He loves me, and them, and all of you. I can rest knowing He is working in the unseen, He is not blind, unaware, or disinterested.

He cares.

So today, I am leaning in, listening with more intensity to what flows from my heart and above all else clinging with all that I am to Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.


  1. Thank you my friend!


  2. Gary Greeno · ·

    Great word CJ! Thanks for sending this out. I trust you are living in Gods amazing blessings!


    Sent from my iPhone



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