If I could have a Super Power…


Love (1)

I have beening seeing posts on Facebook about super powers… you know the ones… “if I could have a super power it would be ____________________”.

Well, I may have mentioned that God has me hanging out in 1st Corinthians 13. Today the I’m reading the AMP Bible (so fun to see how it is worded differently). Sometimes I have read something so many times that I catch myself speeding through reading… but today as I have intentionally slowed down the words “ALL THINGS” popped out at me.


Perhaps because there are so many things that come up in life. We might, or let me speak for myself – I might- be tempted to say, “Well sure I can love during this but not that! That is just too hard. It’s too uncomfortable. Too much work.”

All things set a standard. The standard is NO EXCEPTIONS and therefore NO EXCUSES. Ouch…Houstion, we might have a problem.

It’s as if God is saying no matter what comes love. Love must be the tool that overcomes – it must be stronger and more powerful that I can fathom; able to leap over obslacles in a single bound, while holding tightly together your most precious relationships. Therefore, it must also be exercised like a muscle. We choose to build our love muscule by bearing, believing, hoping, and enduring in ALL THINGS. IT must then be experience that makes us able to love more fully (and I’m thinking not the easy experiences but the hard ones including the failures and poor choices.)

So if I could have one super power I would want it to be the ability to love in a way that in ALL THINGS I am loving. Love as a super power would enable me to:

To bear my burdens, and help carry others.

To express hope in the face what appears to be hopeless.

To have the strength to act in and speak love in the face of the hate, hurt, or horror.

To believe love wins when applied.

I’m curious… and I wonder if you would be up for sharing what pops out at you?

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