How You Can Have a Positive Attitude: Warrior vs. Whiner

warrior vs whiner

This past week I heard one of my favorite teachers, declare “Don’t be a whiner be a warrior!” I paused in my tracks and began thinking back over the past few days. Like everyone else, I’ve encountered a few challenges in life; health, children, finances. At times these situations have felt well… challenging, especially those involving health. As I thought through my reaction to each I asked:

  • Have I whined or warred?
  • Have I attacked it or been run over by it?
  • Am I winning or losing the battle?
  • Is my attitude one of victory or defeat?
  • Am I thinking poor me or am I seeing an opportunity for God to display his goodness and glory?

Sadly, I discovered most of the time my default is whiner. I started to wonder how that happened and why. After all I know better! I found my attitude is dependent upon two factors:

  1. Intensity – how big is the issue on a scale of 1-10?
  2. Frequency – how much is hitting me at one time and how often? One thing a time is easier to deal with than five things at one time.

 Maybe you can relate?

The question is, how do you become or remain a warrior not a whiner?  In order to be a warrior you must be intentional, determined, and steadfast in faith. You must be:

  • Intentional about what and how you think about the challenges that come your way in life. Warriors are winners in the battles of life. What you think sets you up for victory or defeat.
  • Determined to keep your feelings in check. Because thoughts trigger feelings guard your heart. Whining is a sign your feelings and thoughts are setting you up for defeat. Determine to quote the Word of God over your situation and practice gratitude. A grateful heart always defeats the temptation to whine!
  • Steadfast in faith means you have the assurance that no matter what is happening you trust God is with you in the fight. You seek and trust in his plan for your good and not your harm.

When difficulty hits listen to what you say and pay attention to what you feel. In doing so you’ll discover if you are warring or whining. Take heart, it’s not where you start that counts it’s where you finish! With each new challenge or difficultly comes the opportunity to grow in your ability to, no matter what it is, be a warrior and get the victory!

What do you think? How do you maintain a positive warrior attitude?

37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors and gain an overwhelming victory through Him who loved us…

Romans 8:37

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