Chic Chat – Outside In vs. Inside Out

Hi Beautifuls!

Today I’m thinking about the inner beauty God gives each of us. While you may not see it in yourself others can see the investment of time you make in the presence of the Lord. Why? Because his spirit changes your countenance. I like to tell people, we reflect what we give our face time to. Time with him makes us beautiful from the inside out. His presence, love and encouragement transforms our hearts and minds. His sweet spirit soothes away our rough patches.

Because his presence is always with us we can be intentional about spending time with him-even getting our hair done. How? By simply practicing awareness of him – even when we are working on making the outside more beautiful.

What do you do to spend time with the Lord or intentionally practice his presence every day? I would love to hear your thoughts. And I invite you to share so that we can encourage one another.

Till next time!


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